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, Girl Gang led the rush in 1954, quickly followed by, among others, Roger. Its unfortunate that the film is saddled with such a sexist title (its based on an Angel song they play in the movie considering how feminist the movies ideals and imagery really are. The Stains inspire girls everywhere, who copy their look and sayings, but their quick rise to fame has an equally quick descent. Switchblade Sisters is a great entry point into 70s-era exploitation pictures Hill was basically the Spielberg of these kind of movies featuring all manner of activities that are anything but politically correct. Theres off putting, mean-spirited humor towards a heavier woman in the gang (known as Donut, ahem) and at times nasty violence, yet for the most part its actually funny and enjoyable. A Mean Girls (2004) Harken back to 2003.

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But without Rizzo, Grease wouldnt be half the classic it is today. Despite its punk attitude, the movie has an overall bitter tone to it, with director Lou Adler making fun of everyone in sight, from the dimwitted media and the aging self-obsessed rockers, to the fair-weather audiences and yes-man managers. In 2004, Mean Girls cemented Lohan as a force to be reckoned with, launched Amanda Seyfried s career and went on to become a fun footnote when Rachel McAdams found real fame in The Notebook. Winona Ryder s Veronica is the perfect foil to the Heathers, and as both the voice of reason and chaos, when she and her nihilistic and violent boyfriend.D. (Although released in 1980 this is a totally 70s movie, complete with a Giorgio Moroder soundtrack even the movies theme song was a jazzy instrumental version of Donna Summer s On the Radio.) The trailer for Foxes is kind. Anyone whos seen this most famous of Meyers campy sexploitation romps, in which three women shaped like real-life versions of Jessica Rabbit go on a kill crazy rampage of sorts, knows that reference is not an exaggeration. Rizzo, the leader of the Pink Ladies, really gets at what the pure appeal of the bad girl. (an unhinged Christian Slater ) get involved in the accidental death of Head Bitch Heather Chandler ( Kim Walker), setting off a suicide trend among the high schoolers who worship and fear the Heathers. In the exploitation vein, Troma weighed in with Chopper Chicks in Zombietown, which were not sure we need more than the title to understand, while nasty Britflick Sket focuses on girl gangs in London and aspires to Noel Clarke. Fortunately, a group of our heroes find salvation in the arms of the Lizzies, a tough group of girls that give off the impression that they are simply a group of groovy, happening broads. cute teen nude photo baise hard adolescents

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Melissa McCarthy has the funny, showy role, for which she received a deserved Oscar nomination, but its really Wiig who stands out in a sympathetic yet complex part in which we root for her character. Unlike other more knowing teen movies like Clueless and Heathers, The Craft does suffer from taking itself a bit too seriously, a condition which afflicts many teenagers, especially perhaps the kind of dilettante goths the film was vigorously trying to attract. Kristen Stewart s recent Joan Jett biopic The Runaways would qualify too, as would 1984 curio Desperate Teenage Lovedolls, which chronicles the rise and fall of an all-girl punk band in a barely-above-home-movie style. And of course, Heathers started the career of Ultimate Bad Girl (the gold standard, really) Shannen Doherty, whose initially self-doubting Heather Duke steps up to reign supreme. It has the gall to think its a smart, feminist take on geek culture/tropes, but it fails miserably on almost every count, taking everything potentially empowering about the concept of the girl gang and putting it in service of a stupid man-child-geek fantasy.


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B Bad Girls (1994) A revisionist take on the Western myth told from the traditionally marginalized point of view of prostitutes? Weaving in several stories from the various Sin City comics, one of the tales revolves around the narrative The Big Fat Kill, which focuses on a street war between a group of prostitutes and a group of mercenaries, the police, and the mob. Funnily enough, Lindsay Lohan turned down the role of Regina in favor of Cady, as she was worried that it was just mean enough to damage her career. The bitingly funny black comedy written by Daniel Waters and directed by Michael Lehman is infinitely"ble, original and devastatingly funny setting off a host of imitators that have never quite reached these heights. As a girl gang, the Plastics tick off most of the checklist (exclusive, hot, mean) and even have a Burn Book that is in line with their general personas and what we all remember from high school (although your popular. Without any sense of struggle or strength or intelligence on the part of these women, its actually kind of an insult, and the trappings do scant justice to the richness of the Western canon either. My God, stop with the excessive fille nue massage massage erotique barcelone slow motion already! At the opposite end of the spectrum we find.E.B.S. Theda Bara louise Brooks -style archetypes we could" it wasnt until the emergence of teen culture in the 1950s that we saw this new offshoot really grow it wings. Neve Campbell, Skeet Ulrich, Robin Tunney and, breckin Meyer. D- She-Devils on Wheels (1968) That the tagline for this late-60s sexploitation flick is See! Heady stuff for a film most often viewed at the slumber parties of middle school girls.

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